Who Is the BEST PLAYER in these 3 TSM Fortnite Games? | Zexrow, Emadgg, Mackwood (Fortnite Gameplay)


#TSMFORTNITE TSM Fortnite is back with another crazy set of accuracy challenges to find out who is the BEST PLAYER that can conquer 3 secret Fortnite games! This includes a round of infinite falling, a super battle royale in a bounce dome, and a map where the floor is literally lava. You’ve heard of the Fortnite World Cup, now experience the TSM Secret Cup, as these FN pros get energized to battle it out for the win. Featuring your favorite Fortnite players: Zexrow (Zex), EmadGG (Emad), and Mackwood (Mack).

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“TSM is North America’s gold standard” ~ ESPN

We are the #1 esports org in the U.S. with a passion for gaming, entertaining, and winning. From League of Legends to Valorant to Rainbow Six Siege and beyond, we have championship calibre pro teams and wildly popular streaming influencers. To all our dedicated fans, and all our future fans: Thank you for joining us on this journey. We promise we’ll always do our best, to be the best. And together, let’s build the future of gaming. TSM.


• The Fornite Team takes on the ultimate Chicken Nugget Challenge! Ft. Myth, Daequan, Hamlinz:

• TSM Myth gets a second job at Chipotle! And what happens next is awesome! 🌯👀

• It’s time for a no-holds-bar TSM Fortnite cookoff!

• Think you’re smarter than a 5th grader? The TSM Rainbow Six Siege team sure thinks they are. Featuring Beaulo, Geometrics, Merc, Achieved, & Pojoman.

• So what’s better than paintball? How about paintball with a TSM Dinosaur?! Myth and the Fortnite Pro Players wanted to have a little shootout game in real life.

• GEO and top TSM players team up with Game Fuel to bring you the most epic of epic spots:

• VALORANT vs LEAGUE OF LEGENDS 3v5 – the mashup that started it all – with over 700K VIEWS!

• VALORANT vs LoL 2v5 REMATCH – the sequel just released to the wildly popular mashup series!


• A true OG to the Fortnite scene, TSM signs SAF:

• Welcome one of the hottest players in FN: TSM OPS

• Meet the Fortnite solo cup king himself: KHANADA

• FERRRNANDO joins our family!

• The signing heard around the world, when a new cowboy rode into TSM. GGX in a Western??? Checkout GREEKGODX JOINS TSM:

• Like Bjergsen? Take an intimate look at his personal life, his family in Denmark, and how he turned to League after being bullied. RESET: A TSM Bjergsen Story:

• Want to meet one of the youngest pro players to ever be signed by TSM? Meet Slappie, the meme-famous Fortnite teen who raged against Cheez-it boxes.


• Dig Myth? Watch his inspiring story of how he broke his mother’s heart by deciding to pursue his dream of gaming, in “Meet Myth”:

• Want to meet one of the youngest pro players to ever be signed by TSM? Meet Slappie, the meme-famous FN teen.

• CHAMPIONS! Experience how TSM became the best team in NA by defeating everybody! TSM Legends S6 E25

• TSM LEGENDS explodes into summer league with a new season (ep13):

• Did you see TSM triumph over 100 Thieves in one of the most INSANE game 5’s of LCS spring split 2020? Re-live the instant lol esports classic here. TSMLegends S6 Episode 11:

• Did you see TSM steal ANOTHER victory from 100 Thieves during the LCS 2020 Summer Split? Watch the action now in – TSMLegends S6 Episode 15:


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Who Is the BEST PLAYER in these 3 TSM Fortnite Games? | Zexrow, Emadgg, Mackwood (Fortnite Gameplay)

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