Spending An Entire Solo Cash Cup Playing for Endgame! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

In todays video I will be spending an entire solo cash cup playing for endgame! I played the EU one and the NA-East one together with Marrentm in my call. As the title already suggests, I tried to make endgame as much as possible. Hopefully with this strategy I can get my most points ever in a tournament. If not, we are going back to pushing everyone and w-keying 😉 I hope you enjoy this video and be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you do!

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After the succesful videos of my 1 Week Progression From PS4 to PC and my 1 Month Progression From PS4 to PC I got a lot of requests for tips on how I improved so quickly. If you guys want to see a video of my tips on how to get better at Keyboard and Mouse in only 1 week, how to switch to PC from console, or how to switch to mouse and keyboard then please check out the video I did on that called “How To Get Better At Keyboard & Mouse in ONLY 1 Week” where I explain everything about these things.


There is also a playlist of my entire PS4 To PC Fortnite Progression journey:

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Spending An Entire Solo Cash Cup Playing for Endgame! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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