Punk (Pumpkin skin) (Fortnite) (gameplay) (Battle Lab) Lets take a close

and comment your epic id and ?? for a chance to win Vbucks. Make sure you know what to post I will let you know in the video hint it’s not (??) lol but it will be in the videos that I post on Saturday’s

Who is your favorite skin this fortnitemares so far ?

The Good Doctor is in

Should I do a review on all the skins from this battle pass or are there too many out there already ?

Discord ( )

Giveaways every Saturday and a huge giveaway when I hit 1000 subscribers

Also don’t forget to knock out the three new challenges for fortnitemares.

New legacy update coming I Collect Spores, Molds, and Fungus was just added and this will help you unlock the legacy punch card!

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Punk (Pumpkin skin) (Fortnite) (gameplay) (Battle Lab) Lets take a close

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