*NEW* RAVINA (GLOW) SKIN COMBOS + Ravina Skin Showcase/Gameplay – Fortnite


0:00 Intro
0:36 Combos (Backbling)
5:38 Combos (Pickaxe)
7:00 Combos (Glider)
8:02 Combos (Gunwrap)
9:43 Ravina Skin GAMEPLAY

Fortnite Ravina Skin Combos + Ravina Skin Gameplay.

Hi! I’m Quain! I started streaming to have a record of my own gameplays and as time passed by, I got to meet new awesome people and fell in love with streaming. I hope we can be friends talk about games, anime and stupid life in general! I don’t know on what games I should stream but now I’m focusing on fortnite in this channel. But I do stream valorant and other story games on twitch!

►Epic name: quain311

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Quain Train Members:
luca bagnato xd
Just Waboba
From Within Gaming
mrs G
Team iDOLTap Gaming
Ess Santiago
Dan Carlo Lumubos

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Fortniteros.es – Disfruta con nosotros jugando y hablando de todo lo relacionado con Fortnite !! 🙂

*NEW* RAVINA (GLOW) SKIN COMBOS + Ravina Skin Showcase/Gameplay – Fortnite

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