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▶ Hi my name is Kian and this is my gaming channel (WHALLZ). I am going to show you Video Games which I play on my PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 3, iPad, Nintendo Switch & Android Tablet. I mainly play Fortnite, Rocket Leeague, Minecraft, FIFA, Pokémon GO and Mobile Games.

IMPORTANT: As per Google/YouTube Terms & Condition’s, this channel is owned & managed by WHALLZ’ parents. WHALLZ is not old enough to own / manage his own channel. His parents monitor ALL forms of communication (comments, private messages, email). WHALLZ replies to comments personally under his parents supervision.

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Fuente / Source – Disfruta con nosotros jugando y hablando de todo lo relacionado con Fortnite !! 🙂

LIVE | Gameplay Fortnite Live Stream | WHALLZ

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