Fortnite mobile – New update Solo 15 Kills win Gameplay #1

In this video, you will see my 15 epic kills Gameplay in today’s update, my first Gameplay of the day, so I was a bit rusty, why do I have part of the map unlocked? simply, my brother played before.
it took me 6 Hours to upload the vid on good quality so please like it!!

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Hi, I’m Zero:

Quick response to some questions (Q&A)

-Can we play?

-What phone do you play on?
I play in a Redmi note 9S

-What you use to rec and edit?
I use my phone’s recorder to record and my phone’s editor to edit, simple.

-Can we 1v1?

-Can I have a shoutout?
No (Only for people from membership)

-When are you gonna do the voice reveal?
I won’t, only for people from the membership

#fortnite #fortnitemobile #battleroyale

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Fortnite mobile – New update Solo 15 Kills win Gameplay #1

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