Fortnite is changing (Fortnite gameplay)

Okk this is sus, but sup My Hobo Squad It’s ya BOII DARK VOID, leader of the DaRk clan, and in this channel I mostly play fortnite but if ya want me to play something then I could other then that hope ya in joy my funny videos.and make sure to add on ps4
llamagameboy, rayrayhome1, kingsavage123789, vsyrus-,Dark_Angle240, Day6533, Keezy212 macman21_savage. And on epic games add MONEY_JAY2523

Clan name:DaRk Clan


Psn name:killstrike343

Fuente / Source – Disfruta con nosotros jugando y hablando de todo lo relacionado con Fortnite !! 🙂

Fortnite is changing (Fortnite gameplay)

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