26 Kill Solo Squad Gameplay Full Game | Chapter 2 Season 4 Fortnite

26 Kill Solo Vs Squad Gameplay Full Game | Season 3
26 Kill Solo Vs Squad Season 3 Chapter 2
26 Kill Solo Vs Squad Full Game
26 Kill Solo Vs Squad Gameplay

26 Solo Squads Full Gameplay PS4 Controller

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In this fortnite high kill gameplay, I get 26 kills in solo vs squads. This new season is really awesome brings so many crazy ways to win games. The new battle pass is also INSANE with all the new marvel skins. The new marvel skins are actually super awesome they bring a vast variety to the game. I cannot wait till I get iron man once I get tier 100! Hope you guys enjoy this gameplay. Leave a like and comment if you guys enjoy
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26 Kill Solo Squad Gameplay Full Game | Chapter 2 Season 4 Fortnite

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